Monday, June 7, 2010

We're here!

Well, here we are in Deutschland and finally starting our blog. Sorry it took so long – everything kept coming up in German. We are loving it here and think we have a great assignment. We were called to the Institute Outreach Center here in Frankfurt which means we work with the 18 – 30 year olds. Elder L. Tom Perry had a revelation that the future of Germany was in the hands of these kids and so our job is to strengthen their testimonies, get them on missions and eventually to the temple. The matchmaking part is kind of fun. We have family home evening with a dinner, lessons and games, Institute night, Friday night waffle and activities night plus dances, service projects and anything else we can think of. Many times we just sit and talk to them. They all speak English but would rather speak German. Seems we are the party people and I seem to be exhausted every night. Bill doesn’t slow down and even runs up 10 flights of stairs two at a time several times a day. I manage the 8 flights but at a much slower pace. We work with and teach with some of the best missionaries ever. They treat us like General Authorities and we just feel it is a privilege to help them and they have discovered that we’re a pretty good resource for whatever they need (teaching companions, car questions, haircuts, broken stuff). I’m trying to learn the language but it is so schwer (hard). Bill speaks pretty well and is remembering more every day from his time here back in the early 60’s.


  1. Ok, I'm a follower. Can't wait to read these blogs going forward. We are so incredibly proud of you guys! What great examples for our precious children. We think of you often and pray for you always.

  2. We miss you guys!! (Just thought I would let you know) Glad things are going well for you!